eSIM Korea Fixed Plans


• 4G LTE high-speed for 6GB.
• Connect to #1 Korea network, SK Telecom.
• Get your QR code and activate it instantly.
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Instant Delivery

eSIM is sent via email within 5 to 15 minutes!

Find the best Fixed data plan


Validity Period: 10 days
After 6GB, unlimited 128kbps speed
Data Only plan


Our plan includes
these benefits

4G LTE Data


4G LTE Data


What you can expect

High-speed Data

Experience the reliable 4G LTE local network.

Instant Connectivity

Get mobile data connection in just a couple of minutes.

Keep Number

Keep your current number and use data with our eSIM.

Near-local Rate

Goodbye to expensive roaming fees. No hidden fee.


High-speed data

Experience the reliable
4G LTE local network.

Instant connectivity

Get mobile data connection
in just a couple of minutes.


Keep number

Keep your current number
and use data with our eSIM.

Near-local rate

Goodbye to expensive
roaming fees. No hidden fee.

150,000+ Travelers like you already used our eSIM

Join them now!
We have helped thousands of customers get hassle-free connectivity. Experience the easiest way to stay connected.

Our Local Network covers 99% of time in Korea

ESIMKOREA.NET offers reliable service on the KT’s network. You’ll enjoy 4G LTE speed almost everywhere you travel in Korea.

6GB of data is enough for travelers to enjoy using apps

Watch videos for 6 hrs
Kakao Taxi
Request a taxi 600 times
Google Maps
Search 15,000 routes
Make calls worth 15 hrs

How it works

Get eSIM at your fingertips, Get ready for your trip!
Step 1

Pick a plan

Choose the plan that suits your travel needs and place an order.

Step 2

Scan the QR code

Receive the QR code via email and instantly scan it to activate.

Step 3

Ready to go!

Have a light and enjoyable trip without any data concerns.

Things to know

Check Compatibility

Before ordering, ensure your device is compatible and unlocked. Check our list of compatible models by clicking here. To briefly check compatibility, dial *#06# on your device and check that your IMEI or MEID is displayed.

Activation Point

Your data plan will start as soon as you have installed the eSIM on your device. You can purchase now and scan the QR code and install the eSIM 1 day before you leave or after you land in Korea.

Unable to Reinstall

Removing the eSIM will delete the data plan from your phone. You can’t install the eSIM again. Please do not remove your eSIM by tapping [Remove Cellular Plan] button while in use.


To get in touch with us, ask eSIM World Team anytime via [email protected].


Yes, eSIM Korea Fixed Plans work everywhere in Korea. We select and offer the best data plans which provide the best nationwide coverage.

You can purchase an eSIM at your convenience before your travel date, but remember that your data plan will start as soon as you have installed the eSIM on your device.
Additionally, please note that to install the eSIM, your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or a cellular data network.

You cannot make phone calls or use SMS with this eSIM plan.
eSIM Korea Fixed Plan is data-only and do not include a local mobile number.

Please note that we do not offer a top-up service for eSIM eSIM Korea Fixed Plan. Instead, we recommend purchasing a new eSIM plan and installing it on your device again.

Our QR code is sent automatically to the email address you’ve written in the order form within 15 minutes. If you haven’t received your email, please check the followings below :
  1. Please check your promotion or spam folder first.
  2. You may have a typo in the email address you provided to us. In this case, please contact us at [email protected], so we can resend it to you as soon as possible.
  3. There might be a delay in completing the payment.
    • If you used iDEAL or a payment method other than PayPal, be aware that the payment transfer to PayPal may take several minutes to hours. Since this process depends on the payment gateways, we recommend contacting them directly for assistance.
    • In some cases, your payment might be pending due to PayPal’s security measures. While we cannot guarantee the timeframe, the payment could be completed within 72 hours.
    • Keep in mind that even if you paid with a credit or debit card, the payment is processed through PayPal. Therefore, it might be subject to PayPal’s security checks, resulting in a pending status. As this is PayPal’s policy, it’s best to contact PayPal’s customer service for assistance.

To get in touch with us, ask eSIM World Team anytime via [email protected].

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews

eSIM Korea Fixed Plans


eSIM Korea Fixed Plans


eSIM Korea Fixed Plans

Easy activation, but had issues.

The number on the eSIM ended up being a Thailand number so had difficulty using Kakao. Additionally, each time when opening google in safari the default language would change to either Thai or Chinese. So annoying. But I will say that purchase and activation was quick and easy. The reception for the data was good. I would still recommend this, but check if there’s a way to have a Korean number the next time I’m in Seoul.

Thank you for your feedback, and we're pleased to hear that the purchase and activation process was quick and easy, and the data reception was good, Jerry.
Regarding the Thailand number on the eSIM, please note that our service utilizes a Hong Kong IP address for connectivity, and the Thai number is primarily for record-keeping purposes.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Your recommendation is valued, and we'll certainly explore options for providing a Korean number for users in Seoul in the future.
If you have any additional concerns or suggestions, please feel free to reach out.
Thank you for choosing our service, and we look forward to serving you again.

So easy to activate and use. Was pleasantly surprised!

I stayed in Korea for 4 days and never ran out of data once! I wish that eSims included a number, but it was something I needed only temporarily anyways. Definitely recommended for tourists who need quick and easy internet.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your positive experience, Chiara!
We're thrilled to hear that activating and using our eSIM was easy for you, and we're delighted that it provided seamless connectivity during your stay in Korea.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
We understand the convenience of having a number with eSIMs and appreciate your suggestion.
We're continuously working to enhance our services, and your input is invaluable.
It was a pleasure serving you, and we look forward to assisting you again in the future.
If you have any further comments or recommendations, feel free to share them with us.
Safe travels, and thank you for choosing our eSIM service!